Un racconto vero-verissimo

al ristorante
Arte & Letteratura

Capuana: Ci siamo?

di Luigi Capuana, in Id., Come l’onda… novelle, Palermo, Sandron, 1921

essay, divagazioni a volo d’uccello

Speciale: Omaggio a Vicente Huidobro – effe

Short Stories: l’arte del racconto e le sue lingue

Benjamin De Casseres: Arcvad the Terrible

BENJAMIN DE CASSERES — Arcvad ascended to the top of his observatory and looking through his giant telescope he had, in a moment, the planet earth under his microscopic eye. Arcvad was one hundred and fifty […]

Lucretia P. Hale: A place for Oscar

LUCRETIA P. HALE — “I don’t like tiresome fables,” said Jack, throwing down an old book in which he had been trying to read; “it is so ridiculous making the beasts talk. Of course they […]

Giovanni Verga / Lawrence: Malaria

GIOVANNI VERGA / (Lawrence) – And you feel you could touch it with your hand—as if it smoked up from the fat earth, there, everywhere, round about the mountains that shut it in, from Agnone to […]